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This Contact Us feature is primarily for inquires relating to invoiced orders.

Unfortunately, we are no longer available to process your order by phone.

For questions on the topic of Health Clays, please take advantage of the abundance of information we offer at our website:

Just learning about health clays?

We encourage you to visit the following pages; FAQ (Questions), ABOUT CLAY and the RESOURCES page. You’ll also find a good amount of product support information for each item in our shop.

Seeking further knowledge on the topic of health clays?

We offer a few books on the topic. You can find them in our Book Category.

Are you on Facebook?

We are! So please, visit us on Facebook where we share interesting news and tips on natural health. Plus, we also address valid VISITOR QUESTIONS on our specialty. You can find them in the NOTES section of the page and throughout the pages timeline as well.

Still need more?

You may want to visit the manufacturer’s web site for the specific product in question. After all, the product manufacturer is the ultimate source of information regarding product questions and most manufacturers offer Frequently Asked Question pages to support common inquiries. Our product pages list the manufacturers name under the item image located on the right top corner of the page.


Please keep in mind that we do not intend to diagnose any physical or mental condition, or to recommend the use of clay as a substitute for the advice and treatment of a licensed professional. We do not employ a health practitioner, and make no claims in this regard.The advice we give is based solely on personal experience and subject research knowledge.


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